Online Luggage Outlets

Online Luggage Outlets

Luggage Outlet was originally started as the internet division of a respected luggage retailer as Luggage Outlet. In 2014, Luggage Outlet, the URL domain, was acquired by a well-established Sydney based luggage retailer known as Luggage’s, Backpacks, Shopping Trolleys and lots more.

Since then, Best Travel luggage outlet in Sydney has become the premier online source for all luggage and travel accessory needs. In 2014 and again in 2015 it made the list at the prestigious Top 500 E-Retailers in Australia.

In order to better cater our traveler and business customers we have launched Travel and News. At Travel, our customers are able to book flights, hotels, car rentals and any vacation package at the lowest price in the market, guaranteed based on no booking and commission fees. Additionally, News provides top news focused on travel and current events around the world as well as articles related to travel needs, top seasonal travel destinations, etc.

Online Luggage Outlet, we are a diverse small team of passionate professionals who work collaboratively towards common goals and objectives. We continuously strive to come up and implement best in class practices and innovations, offer top notch customer service experience, as well as to be top leaders in our industry.

Luggage Outlet offers a huge selection of Luggage, backpacks and Shopping Trolleys appropriate for numerous uses. Whether you’re carrying a laptop or school books, hiking or sightseeing and needing a backpack on wheels, we have something that’s right for you. Our selection from vendors like High Sierra, Safe and many others will give you plenty of options for whatever your needs may be.

Whether you’re traveling on business or going on an adventure trip. Whether you are beginning college life or a professional life, Luggage Outlet has a large variety of products in every category of luggage Shopping Trolleys and lots more that you can buy online.